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Division of Business & Management

What Our Students Say

Jim Gleason
Canandaigua, N.Y.
B.S., Organizational Management
IACBE Accreditation

Our business programs are fully accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

Keuka College

A Boost to Business and Community

Take one new high-tech company. Add the STARTUP-NY program, which offers incentives to businesses that operate on college campuses. What have you got? A new partnership between Keuka College and Sensored Life LLC that will create 17 new jobs, and prepare students for career opportunities in the high-tech field.

Keuka College

Bringing Business Education to New Heights

An innovative curriculum. A commitment to communities. A passion for people. Keuka College’s business programs offer challenging coursework, opportunities to work in real business settings before graduation, and a commitment helping our students succeed in school, in business, and in life.

Keuka College

Real-World Experience

Whether it’s from the required annual internships in your bachelor’s program or the results-driven, business-changing capstone of your graduate courses, your Keuka degree comes with the experience needed to start a career, launch an innovative business, or climb the corporate latter.


Keuka College

Business Across Borders

At Keuka, we understand the international marketplace. Featuring undergraduate and graduate international business programs in the U.S., China, and Vietnam, Keuka is a leader when it comes to preparing students for leadership roles in multinational enterprises.

Keuka College

Integrity. Ethics. Community.

All of Keuka’s business programs blend a cutting-edge curriculum with a historical commitment to integrity, ethics, and community. Pictured above, Keuka students collaborate with local service entrepreneur Milly Bloomquist, who received the Presidential Citizens Medal from Barack Obama in 2011.

Watch Business Videos

What Hiring Managers Say About Internships

You probably know that annual internships are a hallmark of a Keuka education. But you might not know just how valuable these internships are in the real world. See what hiring managers have to say about the value of internships.

Leadership Lessons on the Ropes Course

Keuka’s TeamWorks! Challenge Course might seem like an unlikely business classroom, but Professor Tuttle uses it to make leadership lessons jump to life. Step inside her Organizational Behavior class.